Hilton Hotel Sydney – Other Facilities

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Other Facilities

Restaurants & Bar Emergency
  • A café is located adjacent to Reception.
  • Level 2 hosts the Glass Brasserie.
  • Tables are pedestal and moveable.
  • An Accessible unisex toilet is near by on this level.
  • The Marble Bar (check for opening times) is located one level down from Reception – there is an accessible unisex toilet available on this level.
  • The Zeta Bar is located on Level 4.
  • There is a documented Emergency procedure.
  • The Emergency warning system comprises an Audio Alarm only.
  • The Emergency alarms are located in all rooms and public places.
Swimming Pool – NA  
  • A swimming pool and Gym are available on Level 1. However access is restricted.
  • An accessible shower/toilet is located on this level but accessing it is through the Male or Female change rooms.
  • A stair lift provides access to the Gym/pool from the Pitt St entry.
  • No lift or hoist into/out of the pool


Picture of five steps and platform lift at the Pitt St entry to the gym.

Photo: Steps and stair lift from Pitt St entry into Gym & Pool area.

Other Services Respiratory and Other Sensitivity
  • Management fosters a “can do attitude” amongst staff and welcomes guests with disabilities.
  • Furniture can be removed from the room and beds can be raised to accommodate a hoist.
  • Hearing assistance is not available in the Conference Rooms however, the hotel is happy for a portable loop to installed for a specific function.
  • Management pursues a smoke, chemical and toxin-free environment. However, Level m20 is a “smoking floor”, primarily for international flight crews.
  • Please contact management in respect to specific information on:
    • respiratory and other sensitivities,
    • policy covering assistance animals (other than seeing eye dogs).

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