Quest on Dixon – Access Rooms

Welcome to the Quest on Dixon Darling Harbour, Sydney page. Please use the following links to help you find the access information you need for the Quest on Dixon Darling Harbour.

The Accessible Room 

  • Door width 860mm, the clear open width.
  • Lever handle, 1m height from the floor.
  • Keyed  entry to the room main  door.   
  • Automatic door return.
  • Internal corridor width 1.6m wide at it narrowest point.
  • Queen bed 530mm in height to the floor.
  • Limited space underneath, no capacity to increase this space.
  • Distance from the bed to furniture/wall at:
    • Foot 1.65mm to the wall,
    • Left to wall 540mm,
    • Right to curtains more than 3m.
  • Furniture can be removed upon request and the bed is on castors.
  • The desk is 750mm high and 680mm from the underneath to the floor.
  • Tea/coffee making facilities are reachable side-on at 960mm.
  • The airconditioner control is wall mounted at 1.0m above the floor.
  • Teletext is not available for the Television.
  • Lights and TV (remote) can be operated from bed.
  • The clothes hanging space is not reachable.
  • There is a balcony with a large step  up and over, the view is of city buildings across the street.

Quest on Dixon showing the entry space, bathroom entry, bench and TV shelving.

Photo: Showing room from entry, ample circulation space, desk and bed. 

  Quest on Dixon access room showing the end of the bed, sofa and circulation space.

Photo: Showing end of bed, TV cabinet  and room entry. 

  Picture of the kitchenette showing sink, microwave and power switch for the kettle.

Photo: Kitchenette.


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