Amora Hotel Sydney – Access Rooms

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The Accessible Room

  • Door width 750mm, the clear open width.
  • Latchside space to wall/corner is 350mm.
  • Lever handle, 1m height from the floor.
  • Magnetic swipe card entry.
  • Automatic door return.
  • Internal corridor width 1.44m wide for 1.9m the right turn 1.2m wide for 1.5m.
  • Queen bed 610mm in height to the floor.
  • Limited space underneath, no capacity to increase this space.
  • Distance from the bed to furniture/wall at:
    • Foot 700mm to the TV cabinet,
    • Left to wall 1.1m,
    • Right to curtains 1.7m.
  • Furniture can be removed upon request and the bed is on castors.
  • Ta/coffee making facilities are reachable.
  • The airconditioner control is wall mounted at 1.0m above the floor.
  • Teletext is available for the Television.
  • Lights and TV (remote) can be operated from bed.
  • The clothes hanging space is not reachable.
  • The views are across the city.

Picture showing the hallway, bathroom on the left and bed.   

Photo: Showing room from entry, bathroom, TV, bar cabinet and bed.   


Pictuure of bed end, TV cabinet and entry hallway.   

Photo: Showing end of bed, TV cabinet  and room entry.    

Picture of the bed showing proximity to the desk.   

Photo: Showing the bed, desk and wardrobe.Photo: Showing end of bed, TV cabinet  and room entry.    

The Accessible Room Floorplan

Amora Sydney Hotel, access room floorplan.  


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