Amora Hotel Sydney – Signage, Toilets, Telephones etc

Please use the following links to help you find the access information you need for the Amora Hotel.

Signage, Toilets, Telephones, Lifts and Corridors

Signage, Toilets, Telephones Corridors
  • Signage clear and highly visible for EXIT
  • The accessible toilets are located up from reception on Levels 1 by the Restaurant & 2 for the Conference Rooms.
  • There is no accessible telephone nearby.
  • Corridor width is 1.7m.
  • Flooring is low pile carpet.
  • Access rooms are located at the corner of the building approx 20m to the lifts.
  • Hand rails are not installed.
  • No tactile way finding information.
  • Tactile lift call button.
  • Call button height from floor surface is approx. 1m.
  • An Audible lift arrival signal is provided.
  • No internal Audio Floor Announcement.
  • Internal buttons have Braille and tactile components in the range 1m – 1.2m.


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