Travelodge Sydney – Signage, Toilets, Telephones etc

Welcome to the Travelodge Sydney page. Please use the following links to help you find the access information you need for the Travelodge.

Signage, Toilets, Telephones, Lifts and Corridors

Signage, Toilets, Telephones Corridors
  • Signage clear and highly visible for the EXIT
  • There is an accessible toilets provided.
  • There is no accessible telephone provided.
  • The corridor is 1.26m wide.
  • Flooring is low pile carpet.
  • Access rooms are located close to the lifts, approx 5m.
  • Hand rails are not installed.
  • No tactile way finding information.
  • Tactile lift call button.
  • Call button height from floor surface is approx. 1m.
  • An Audible lift arrival signal is provided.
  • Internal buttons do not have a tactile component

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