About Easy Access Australia

Welcome to paradise – wherever you go in this country you are in paradise!

Easy Access Australia – A Travel Guide to Australia, was conceived in the United Kingdom at a party in Brixton Hill with a conversation between me, Bruce Cameron, and one of the founders of The Rough Guides (RG). I suggested that RG publish an access guide to the UK, and  photo of Bruce.(naturally!) I should be the one to research and write it. It didn’t eventuate but I wound up contributing to the RG’s edition to Australia in 1993.

easy access australia travel guideMy Background before the UK trip involved a spinal injury (C5/6) incurred in a swimming accident in 1976, followed by University and working in the Banking industry. I took leave for the UK trip and after about six months driving around the UK, France and Italy returned to the finance industry. However, the seeds had been sown for a change. It took me a year to leave the finance industry and commence the research, writing and publishing of Easy Access Australia, the only travel guide for people with a disability in Australia. That was 1993 with EAA published in 1995.

During 1997-8, I worked with the City of Melbourne to produce the first access guide to Melbourne, Accessing Melbourne, which was famous for the front cover photograph of the Yarra River and the spiral binding which made it a very easy book to use, particularly if you had limited dexterity. EAA revised and updated Accessing Melbourne for the Commonwealth games in 2003.

1999 saw me hit the road on a long trip from Victoria north through New South Wales, into Queensland all the way to Cairns – and back. The road trip was an experience! Travelling on my own updating the information in EAA and investigating additional places for inclusion in an updated edition. EAA Edition 2 was published just in time for the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. I provided 1000 copies to the international paralympians to encourage them to stay and visit our great country, and had a great day meeting many of them while signing books.easy access australia travel guide

This website reflects the many people and organisations who have over the past years asked me for an updated version of the guide. I have, to date, resisted because I have been involved in many corporate and education activities which can be accessed at the EAA Corporate page. I also believe it is the responsibility of the Tourism Authorities to provide this information so many of my efforts are focused in this area.   An updated and improved EAA will be available. Articles can be accessed and images viewed.  Detail on sponsors to this site can be accessed – they are providing services and facilities to the traveller with access needs, so please use them or pass on their details to those who will.

While it is a cliché, Australia is a big country and there are many different and varied sights to see, places to explore and activities to undertake. Australia is so big that no-matter what time of year it is, you can go somewhere and have a fantastic time. I hope that you enjoy your travels around this wonderful country and that this guide is only the beginning for future adventures.